This is Jake. He is my first kittie. He has crazy eyes, one blue and one green! It is fortunate that he has two differently colored eyes, for all white cats that have both blue eyes are blind. Why? I don't know! That's just the way this crazy world works I guess. I also got him as a kittie. My mom got him before I moved out, cuz I was wanting a cat. So, she comes home one day with a cat! At that time I also had a pet ferret. Ferrets are just the craziest animals I've ever known. His name was Raccoon and they got along very well, but when I moved out I had to get rid of him, for my homeowners insurance company wouldn't allow me to keep him. Said he was dangerous, when he was only dangerously cute! Nowadays Jake is a very skittish cat. Doesn't take well to change, is terrofied whenever something does change. You don't want to know how long it was before him and Felix got along. Oof. In fact, they sometimes still don't get along. He can be crabby sometimes, and he sheds like crazy. Turn the fan on in the basement and you'll get within minutes a tumblefur! Jake is now Four and a half about. He may have a heart murmur, but the vet doesn't think its anything to be worried about right now. Long live Jake! (He's my favorite!)