This here is my sweet cat Felix. Well, he's not so sweet as he is evil. Looking at that cute face, one would think, "By jove, what a sweet cat!" But in reality, he is a demon cat from hell! He sneeks up on you, scares the crap out of you, and you would swear you heard him cackling as he strutted away. Yes, this cat struts! He also likes to chew on drawstrings for window blinds. I use these oh so nifty cell shades. Work very nice, and are just lovely. Felix likes to keep chewing on the strings so you can't close it all the way! I swear. Well, he is about one now, got him from a kind guy down the road from my house. Not so kind I guess, he charged ten dollars! What the hell! But I paid and took him home. He was a darling kittie, and is a darling cat, just very evil sometimes. He is hyper at times, very curious about the outdoors. We keep him inside. The basement of the house is basically "Cat Ghetto" meaning they rule the basement, while the even more evil dogs stay upstairs (I don't let them downstairs cuz they poop and pee, and I don't like them!) The cats of course are allowed upstairs and downstairs, since they don't pee or poop anywhere except the designated area.