This is Alex. He's not really my cat, he is someone elses cat! He is staying here while she lives here. Yes, the cat looks pissed off because he is always pissed off. I've never seen such a grumpy cat. Hisses at me all the time! Hasn't bitten me, and hasn't clawed me yet but I won't be surprised when he does! I use when simply because I know if he stays here long enough he will. Evil cat this one, sleeps on the kitchen table, chews holes in breadbags(Felix helps him out too though!) and one hole isn't enough, they need to chew into at several different places! Most cats if you squirt with water they get aggitated and will run, cuz they don't like being squirted with water. Lots of people use that as a form of discipline. Climb onto the table, get a squirt! It's not really harmful, gets them to get off, etc, etc, etc. Not this cat. This cat is not phased at all by being squirted. The owners ex-boyfriend(Yep, thats why she stays in my house!) squirted him all the time, non-stop, or so I've heard. He wasn't really fond of getting a cat, he has allergies, but they got the cat anyways. But Alex was a more.. free-spirited cat, so to speak, and didn't really aprove of rules. He didn't like that, and thus squirted poor Alex all the time. It's one thing to squirt here and there, but to constantly squirt is another thing! So to squirt Alex with water, is to beat a dead horse. Alex is about Felix's age, if I remember correctly, he, like all the male animals in the house, is neutered, but unlike the rest of the cats, Alex still has his front claws. None of my cats have them. Yes, I am mean and value the quality of my furniture before I value the use of my cats front claws. I also value the quality of my skin, from being scratched. But I am not totally heartless, they do get to keep the hind claws.